Are you going to give some perfect gift to your friend or family members? Think again!!


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Today I will tell you reasons, why vinyl is the perfect gift?

When you are going to give something special to your family members or friends. Are you sure you are going perfect? So, I will tell you one thing you are not alone in the que..

But, coming  up with the quality gift that you should be proud to give to your close ones. That’s literally a tough task. But there is one way to make sure that your gift is  the best gift for your love ones.

Whether your friend or family member loves classical, jazz, or indo-western, there are millions of vinyl records for sale.

Here are some reasons why vinyl makes the perfect gift for your family and friends :-


There are new innovations in playing vinyl: Turntable technology has gotten much better over the years and even led to some interesting designs and innovations. For example: There is currently a kickstarter for a portable vinyl player that will play your records on any flat surface, no big machinery necessary.

The Sound Quality Is Superior

Experts agree, vinyl provides a far superior sound quality than digital files. While some are content to have the convenience of digital audio files, the rest of us would prefer to actually hear the music we’re listening to. Vinyl makes it possible to become one with the music, and that’s something you can’t get with other mediums.


More artists are putting their music on vinyl: Record companies have been catching on to the vinyl trend as of late. Many artists who have never put their music on vinyl before, like Rihanna, are going back and reissuing their entire catalogs on the medium. Many new albums are being pressed for the first time with their CD and MP3 counterparts. This is great news if you have a music lover in your life who likes vinyl.

It offers a More Intimate Experience

The simple act of listening to a vinyl record is a life changing experience. The feeling you get as you pull out a vinyl from a case is incomparable. As a larger format, it is heavy to the touch and creates its own sensory experience. The sound quality is better: It’s actually a fact, music pressed on vinyl is better than MP3s. Basically, buying your loved one a vinyl record could perk up their mood when they listen to it compared to listening to the same album on their phone.

Tangible Item

It feels good to hold a tangible item: The thing about vinyl records and why they have become so popular in this age of compact, mobile technology, is that you can hold them in your hands. It’s very ceremonial to take the record out of its sleeve, put it on the turntable, lower the needle and play it. This same thing implies with books & taking notes. Some things are better than offline. By giving someone a vinyl record, you’re saying more than just “here, have some music.” You’re saying “enjoy your music”.

Now you just make sure you pick the right album for the right person.


For many years now, the top issue brought up by Vinyl’s user was noise that vinyl makes when it is playing. The snap, crackles, pops, the background hiss, the clicks and many more.

But all these problems can be fixed if you display your vinyl’s on proper ways. So you’ve bought your killer record collection, – and the whole thing is lazy in a dusty box at some place, out of sight and out of mind. What if I say you to  display them?

Yes you heard me right…

Today I m going to tell you 4 ways how to display your Vinyl records.


For Displaying your Vinyl Record frames are the best way to display them. They look so great. They are so cheap so that they can easily available online. You can also bought them from any furniture store.  

But, However they make them very hard to access the record and by this you can also harm your vinyl record.


You’ve normally seen these picture ledges at your local record store, lining the walls – they not only work as great displays, but give you easy access to your vinyl record collection.

Picture ledges normally used for pictures, as you can easily identify with their name.

Just beware of dust, as this method leaves your records exposed to the elements.


This is a backsliding . Wood crates used to be perfect for record collectors and crate diggers. They were available everywhere, Well-built and in perfect size. N now-a-years, the companies that made the crates have switched to plastic and changed the dimensions to restrain would be vinyl decoraters.

BUT not to worry-you can get record storage crates built perfectly to fit records.


These metal Vinyl record shelf racks are simply looks so amazing. As they maintain the Simplicity of modern home décor.  If your place is so sophisticated so, you can use these racks as inexpensive record display and holder.

Vinyl life can be last longer than you think. The thing that could damage vinyl’s life is manufacturing defect and dust & dirt. But very genuine vinyl’s life can be last long.

As on my last blog I already told that Vinyl records have four main enemies: dirt, dust, smoke and oily fingerprints. If you can protect your records from these enemies, they will last surprising numbers of years.

Now that you know the requirements for the location you should aim for while storing your records, let’s talk a bit about what vinyl records should be stored in.

  • Use protection. Unlike grocery bags, paper is out and plastic is in. Commercial vinyl records may be stored in their original sleeve, but should also be placed in a fabric softner polyethylene liner.
  • In addition to storing records in a plastic sleeve, you should store record covers in a plastic sleeve. To recap: put the record in a plastic sleeve and the album cover in a plastic sleeve.
  • Ensure the shelving you choose is sturdy enough to support the weight of vinyl records, which average 35 pounds per shelf-foot. All formats concentrate weight on the centerline of a shelf, which can cause some shelving to collapse.
  • To reduce static, opt for wood vinyl record storage containers instead of metal.

Especially when dealing with a collection of older records, it’s important to check for warps in the record. This happens when the vinyl is overheated or exposed to too much humidity. It can lead to bumps or irregularities in the shape of the disc.

  • Buy extra protective sleeves for your records.
  • If you have an expansive collection, chances are that you have a few records that are missing their protective sleeve. It’s important to keep your record covered before storing it, especially for vintage records.
  • Protect your records from dust.
  • Storing your records in both an inner and outer sleeve will protect them from dust. Also be sure to regularly dust and vacuum the area where you store your records.
  • Protect your records from heat.
  • Heat will ruin your records by warping them. Keep your records in an area that is room temperature, and away from windows, vents, radiators, and other sources of heat. Sunlight is also can cause damage to records, and can lead to warping or damaging. It is very important to make sure your that your records are not stored or played for long periods of time in direct sunlight.
  • Store records vertically
  • As records are heavier in the middle than the sides then, storing records horizontally for long periods of time will lead to damaging.

What do you think how many more ways to display Vinyl Records? Let us know on comments.


Think about your favorite Place. You probably know the layout, the music they play,  the way it smells, and you might even have a friendly relationship with that Place.

That same things happen when you visit a record store. You probably know that  record store smell is amazing,and you also have some good relationship with the  store owner.

We all love to hear vinyl and buy vinyl in personal and we feel an amazing  experience after this. Most record excite us also. But what if we can get these records at our place.

Therefore, i am going to share 5 reasons that why we should buy vinyl records?

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1)  Convenience

As you all know very good that nothing can beat the Convenience of online shopping. That’s why most people statrt their business on E-commerce. We never see that happens with vinyl. Because peopel still purchasing vinyl from stores (Shopping vinyl with stores can never die). But now-a-days its looks like that most vinyl store has put a healthy strike for people so that they can buy Vinyl in stores and online also.


But that’s also true that when we visit any stores for purchasing vinyl records. Sometimes we fed up because we have to choose our favourite vinyl by going through a process (in which we have to select our favourite vinyl in alot of others vinyl )

So, from now forget the long drive to your favourite vinyl stores, forget the line, forget the irrititaing summer heat and winters, digging on crates for your favourite vinyl and getting your finger dusty.

You have to just open your browser and buy that covered LP in a few clicks.

2) Price

Running a business costs money, but running a store costs alot more than you can think (Money, Space, Rent, Utility, Staff, Decor, Time).

With online record stores, all of these expenses don’t exist. And you can start savings. Want to spend an afternoon searching for your favouritevinyl prized record? Hit your local record store. Want a great album in clean & unspoilt condition, for cheaper price? Buy online :-

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3) Rarer Records

Most of the Vinyl Record stores I’ve gone they hanged their special vinyl collection records on their walls as trophies.


While they’re cool to look at, they’re rarely for sale.
That’s where online record stores comes in handy. Not only do they often have rarer stocks, including limited editions, colored vinyl, and other cool stuffs, but their priced way more cheaper than competitvely stores.

4) More Stocks

In Record stores have much self space. That means owner of that store has to given first priority to that stuffs and sells quickly. We have to look for the brand name or artist name’s on the shelves just to purchase their most popular albums we has to skip all others intresting and good vinyl records.

These problem regarding space does not exist on online record stores. They have wider, better selection down. And you can easily find any new offer of vinyl records because it’s on internet and website so you can easily see the new offer on website wall.


5) Safer Used Records

The worst experience known to record collectors is buying a great looking used record only to find that the vinyl is broken, chewed and crackles (that makes him unlistenable). Some store owner have tester turntables available, and then staff will play a used record for us, and also it can be a frustrating hassle to make sure the record is in listening condition.

While you are shopping online, what you has to do is check the grading.  This grading system is kind of something in which online retailers stake their reputation on grading records accurately.

You don’t have to scan vinyl and search the stores for turntable. So, all what you have to do is just check the grading and buy online with confidence.

6) Audio Quality

The answer of difference between analog and digital recordings. A vinyl record is an analog recording, and CDs and DVDs are digital recordings. This means that, by definition, a digital recording is not capturing the complete sound wave. A vinyl record has a groove carved into it that mirrors the original sound’s waveform. This means that no information is lost. This means that the waveforms from a vinyl recording can be much more accurate, and that can be heard in the richness of the sound.

The sound is so rich and colorful that you can already start imagine about that the singer is just very near to you. For a moment, you will stop whatever you were doing and listen. Then, the magic happens. The magic where you only can feel the music it will gives you appearance of that person about whom you think.


7) Vinyl Shelf Life

Will vinyl records last long enough to make it worth the effort? The truth is they will last longer than you think. About the only thing that could damage their life is manufacturing defects or damage from dust and dirt. But in general, vinyl records last a long time. It’s easy to think that old things just won’t hold up in today’s world. You may be surprised to learn that vinyl records could last up to two human lifetimes with proper care. Vinyl records have four main enemies: dust, dirt, smoke and oily fingerprints. If you can protect your records from these enemies, they will last a surprising number of years. When handling your records, always touch them on the edges, never on the grooves.



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